A lot of people helped me during the 30 months it took to design and renovate the house and design and build the layout and I would be remiss not to mention a few.

Diane and Mike Albert who ran the Train Depot and supplied my track and switches and many buildings.  Got my FEF from them too!

The late Don Rausch, founder of Colonial Photo and Hobby, who made many repairs and alterations for me.

Mike Reagan and the people at TrainAmerica Studios (when there was such a place):  all those TMCC conversions and EOB installations.

Marce Urbanski of Trainsformations who did all the custom figures on the layout.  Unfortunately, she isn’t doing these any more.

Bobby Stricklin and Lee Garrett, the TrainBuddies, who supplied a lot of my rolling stock and passenger consists with terrific service and prices.

The Classic Toy Trains and O Gauge Railroading forums.  Helpful if you can stand the chaff.  :)  Which is why I now frequent the Model Train Forum

Barry Broskowitz who gave me help with some issues with switch control and pimped my layout to visiting dignitaries. 

Jeff Sohn who has done a ton of custom painting (some California Zephyr cars, some Portland Rose cars, the UP E3’s, the two Bauer Brewing Company cars, the JEJ mills hopper and the Brewer Avenue & Pacific NW2).  Whenever I describe an idea to him, his response is always, “That would look fantastic!”

Dennis Brennan who not only supplied my ballast (Brennan’s Better Ballast) and other scenery stuff, but gave me advice on modeling and layout photography as well.

Allen Mason who built my icing station.

Mark Borchardt who built my power sub station.

GunRunnerJohn who upgraded my Weaver Baltic

Roy  Adelotte of RoyzTrains, who upgraded three long passenger trains and several cabeese to LED.